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BullGnG Gymnastics wooden parallettes, handstand bar, wooden push up bars
Large gymnastics parallettes
Large gymnastics parallettes
Large gymnastics parallettes

Large gymnastics parallettes

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Ready to start turns and more advanced handstand variations? or just looking for some long parallettes for your workout?

A vital piece of equipment to aid any gymnasts training program; these are perfect to use in order to improve strength and help condition the body, with the extra length providing more room for advanced skills and a more stable bar to work on.

Is your handstand ready for the next level? with these longer parallettes you can begin to practice turns bar to bar. Also a great visual aid for training on a high bar or pull up bar. Our products are tested and trialed to save your wallet a second purchase these parallettes will last a lifetime! 

Benefits of using parallettes :

  • Less pressure on the wrists reducing the risk of injury 
  • Improved shoulder strength and overall control in a handstand 
  • Giving you space to extend further in movements to really work muscles 

Due to popular demand, these products take between 5-15 days to arrive at your door!