Why you should choose gymnastics over any other sport for your child

You may have heard of the likes of Max Whitlock, Louis Smith and Nile Wilson when you have watched the prestigious gymnastics events like the Olympic games, commonwealth games or the world championships. But have you ever thought what it takes for the like of these men to become as good as they are? 

Here's a video of me learning attempting to learn a move called a 'Katchev' 

The average professional gymnast spends between 25-30 hours in the gym, this isn't your typical 'im off to the gym' its the sort of gym that leaves your body feeling like it needs one of the baths from the film wanted and gets your heart pumping like you're about to do a skydive from 10,000ft... not that I've ever actually done one

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professional gymnasts tend to start gymnastics from as early as 4 years old and the Top 3 things you learn as a gymnast are : - 


Gymnastics teaches you the discipline of if you want something then you have to work damn hard to get it. Want to hold and handstand for longer than 5 seconds? well... that's going to take you a lot longer than you thought. the more you train gymnastics the more you begin to understand you have to be dedicated to the sport and work every day to be good at it! you miss a training session and you'll find the moves that you could do before just aren't quite as good. Transfer that into your life and you can accomplish anything!

Dealing with failure

Every time you step into a gymnastics centre there will be times where you fall on a skill or injure yourself, it is a dangerous sport and these things happen but its what you do after that matters, if you fall whiles learning a new skill gymnastics teaches you to pick yourself up to give it another go 


Do you think these have never fallen over or hurt themselves?

Body conditioning/flexibility 

Your first-ever gymnastics class will no doubt include some sort of core exercises and as you do more gymnastics you will need to be doing more core conditioning as a results balance will improve, speed, strength and all other physical attributes will improve. would you rather be prepared and agile enough to fall to the ground or injure yourself when it happens

So what are you waiting for if your an adult or a parent get your children signed up to start one of the best character-building sports there is.

 https://www.british-gymnastics.org/discover/club is where you can find a local club and start learning your first backflip.


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