About us

BULLGnG is a company founded by Joshua Bull. After coaching in Leicestershire for 6 years Joshua decided to start BULLGnG in order to help young gymnasts get the equipment they need in order to safely practice gymnastic skills outside the gym.

Gymnastics is a skill that requires more than hours in the gym, to be successful it has to become your life. over the 6 years of coaching and gaining the relevant qualifications and experience Joshua began making gymnastics equipment out of the garage...

Now our gymnastics equipment is manufactured in Leicestershire at the highest quality and each item is tested by gymnasts and gymnastics coaches and quality checked before being boxed up and sent off.

Our main aim is to provide gymnastics equipment you gymnasts with the intension they will begin to focus on the finer details of their gymnastics and stop losing marks in routines for errors that can easily be avoided. For example, a floppy handstand or lack of strength in an element could result in losing 0.5 of a mark from your routine.